Chris Rice

Hola! My name is Chris Rice and I am a proud member of the Spring Branch community. I grew up attending Spring Branch ISD schools and currently serve as an 8th grade U.S. history teacher at Spring Oaks Middle. I am passionate about fighting for educational equity and for social justice fo marginalized communities. 

I first got involved in politics at the age of fifteen, as an intern with the Harris County Democratic Party. I continued my involvement as an office manager of a Houston City Council campaign, a field organizer in an aldermanic campaign in New Haven, and as the Executive Director of a student-led political action committee while at Yale University. 

I am excited to help lead the Spring Branch Democrats and to get more young people involved in the political process. My goal is to help elevate the voices of our community to help make our politics more just and inclusive. 


Ottmar Nolasco
Vice President

Howdy! My name is Ottmar Nolasco and I am lucky to call Spring Branch home. I graduated from the SBISD system and currently work as a shop technician in the Houston parking industry. As a shop technician, I am responsible for completing diverse tasks, such as installation, maintenance, and service for parking garages in different locations, including airports, medical centers, hospitals, and more. 

I had my first encounter with politics in 2018. The 2018 elections inspired me to get involved in campaigning for candidates by block walking, dropping lit, and phone banking. I still continue to help candidates achieve their goals of being elected to office, because I believe electing the right people help all of our community.

I am excited to be part of the leadership team of the Spring Branch Democrats because I believe we need young people to help lead the new generations of voters to become politically engaged and empowered to address the needs in their community. Being a leader in the Spring Branch Dems has taught me the value of connecting with our elected officials and has demonstrated how the connection between individuals and their representatives can make a true difference in our lives. 


Pati Límon de Rodriguez

Patricia (Pati) Limón de Rodríguez is a native Houstonian who grew up in the Heights and Spring Branch. In 2000, at the age of 26, she became a Spring Branch Valley homeowner in Harris County’s Precinct 0407, where she is currently serving as the Democratic Precinct Chair.

She graduated from the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business and is the Director of Administration at Edge Creative Strategies, a Houston-based marketing and advertising firm. At Edge, her aegis spans accounting, human resources and information technology.

Pati’s interest in civics began when she participated in her fifth grade Mock 1984 Presidential Election at Housman Elementary in SBISD. Amidst numerous volunteer activities, she has served on the Board of Texas Democratic Women-Harris County Metro Chapter and is presently the Treasurer of the Judge Raúl Rodríguez Campaign. In 2018, she began facilitating Area 5 en Español, the only Democratic monthly club meeting in Harris County conducted in Spanish.

She is honored to join the Spring Branch Democrats’ Board and looks forward to continued community outreach and voter engagement.


William Serletis

My name is Bill Serletis and I have been a Democrat since my formative years in New York. I have volunteered for Democratic candidates since I was in high school in the late 1960s.

At that time, and hopefully now, the Democratic stood for the core principles of fairness, social justice and economic opportunity for all. It fought for the rights of those marginalized by unjust systems and promoted harmony across differing classes, races and creeds. On the local level, the Democratic Party pressed for protecting the stability and security of communities and preserving the quality of life of those living in them.

I have been a chemical engineer in Houston but now am retired. I nevertheless continue to be involved in the Spring Branch community including volunteering for Democratic candidates and participating in voter registration drives. 

About Us

Founded in 2007, the Spring Branch Democrats is a grassroots political organization that is dedicated to educating, organizing, and empowering our community.

We invite passionate and creative individuals who care deeply about our community to join us in our effort to elect leaders who will carry out our voices in government, and to organize our neighbors to support social justice initiatives.




1. Increase the number of registered voters of color who are often overlooked by major campaigns

2. Engage and empower young people in Spring Branch to participate in the political process by sharing organizing strategies, key political information, and more

3. Help elect leaders who reflect our values


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